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Puppy Program

It is very important for your puppy to get the right start and intoduction to the bird dog world.



This program is the first step in training for puppies up to 8 months old.   While it will feel like playtime to your puppy, lifelong skills will be absorbed and formed into healthy habits!  The length of this program depends on what you choose for your puppy to be introduced to anywhere from weeks to months.


  1.  Socializing: Teaching your puppy to be confident during playtime and in the field.


  2.  Introduction to Birds: This stage is fun and brings out the bird drive in your puppy using quail

       and pigeons


  3.  Retrieving:  Fetch with dummies, and clipped birds that will transfer to field skills as they mature


  4.  Field Play: Introduce the puppy to various fields to become comfortable with different 



  5. Leash Training:  Familiarize the puppy with collars and leashes, and following directions


  6. Introduction to water:  During warmer seasons puppies will be introduced to water retrieving

      so in the future you won't lose your bird to the water!


  7. Crate training:   Helps with house breaking and travels

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