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About the Trainer


Stacey and Sadie 1st at Nstra trial

Stacey took 2nd with rocky and 3rd with Ginger

Stacey and Rocky in 2nd round at regional finals




Hi, my name is Stacey Fennell, my husband Jonathan and I have made War Wagon kennels to be a family centered process for you and your dog, we have two children Cason and Emery that are animal lovers and puppy socializers!! We live our lives for God, Family and Hunting dogs! I grew up around bird dogs and have always been involed with  training them though out all the years.   I was a trainer at Anderson Ranch Gundogs for over 6 years and have now branched out on my own.
I have trained and ran bird dogs for horse back trials, Upland Classic, Nstra, Hunt Tests, for an all around bird dogs, and family companion. I have guided quail hunts while helping clients tune their dogs on the hunts, and ran Nstra nationals in Montana to running the Oklahoma, lone star and west Texas regions.
I want to give you my whole bio so you know how I train, and know the process of training your dog will be experiencing through out  all the levels of training, but for more detailed information give me a call. Training a bird dog is very time consuming and takes a lot of patience which is a big key to training to keep your dog focused and love working for you,  Every dog's personality and abilities are different. I make my training fit the dog and do not force them into my style. The last thing we want is a dog that only works birds because they have to, and does not  enjoy it. My goal is to help you get the hunting or trial dog you desire while keeping the drive and life in your dog! Training bird dogs has always been my passion and I would love the opportunity to invest in yours.
I have put much time in to running dogs to uderstand how to better their training at all times and what it takes to keep them up weather for hunting or trialing, I can put the solid foundation on your dog so he starts out the right way in to the bird dog world and help you to keep him there.
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