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Retreiver Training

We Want to get you on the right path with your retriever weather for hunting or trialing. Here are some of the things we will work on.


- Bird drive

- Gun shot conditioning

- Obedience

- E collar conditioning

- Water work

- Retrieving bummpers and birds

- Upland work

- Marks - single, double, triple

- Force fetch

- Blinds



Gundog Ready


- We will have you dog ready to hunt quail, dove, duck ,pheasant.

- Your dog will handle in the field, be gun shot conditioned, collar conditioned, obedience, retrieves.

- We will do upland and water work, and have you ready for your hunting season or JR hunt test!



Advance Training


- In advance training we will be getting your dog steady, working on double marks, force fetch, hand signals, lining.



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