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Gun Dog Program


This session is a three month session and covers...


  1. Bird Drive: One of the most important parts for the bird dog is to be excited and thinking about birds!  If they have not been introduced to birds or have not had much into to birds they will be.


  2. Gun Shot Conditioning:  Dogs will gently be introduced to gun shots beginning with a blank gun and gradually moving up in   

      gauges to acclimate them fearlessly


  3. Bring out there point and hold on pigeons and quail


  4. Natural Retrieve: Encourages dogs to exercise their natural retrieving instincts in the yard and field


  5. Obedience:  Trained to respond and come to a whistle and voice command, trained to stop and stay to a 'whoa' voice command,

     other obedience training includes kenneling up on command, 'no,' and general handling in the field


  6. Backing:  They will be introduced to backing with an auto backer (a remote controlled silhouette of a dog pointing) to learn honoring

      another dog's point


  7. Handle in the Field: They will quarter in the field and cover the ground hunting for birds



At the end of this program your dog will be hunting, using its nose, pointing, holding point until the bird is flushed, and retrieving to the best of their natural retrieve.  They will handle in the field and be ready to hunt or trial!

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